Study and Living in Qatar

Planning to study in Qatar, read on to know the student accommodation, travel, health care, student visa application process, and cost of study and living in Qatar:

Tuition Fees

Tuition fees vary depending on the course, institution and level of study. Students can expect to pay-
  • For undergraduate studies: Approx 4000-6500 QAR
  • For master’s degree programme: Approx 4500-7500 QAR
Check with the relevant higher education institution to know about the exact cost of study. 


Dormitories: These are offered by the university and all the necessary facilities are provided. They are of high quality, with dining area, living room, kitchen and washroom. 

Private accommodation: Private accommodation is available for students in Qatar. The cost varies by location and facilities. There are flat/apartments available. 

Living Expenses

The living expenses in Qatar are relatively high compared to other Middle East countries. 

Cost of food, health, entertainment, travelling, and other miscellaneous expenses: 1500-2000 QAR per month.

Rent per month:
  • 1 bedroom apartments may cost between 5,000- 6,950 QR depending on the location- city centre or outside city centre.
  • 3 bedroom apartments may cost between 9,670- 14,000 QR depending on the location- city centre or outside city centre. 


Qatari public transport is based on a nationalized service-“Karwa”. The national airport of Qatar is Doha International Airport.

Getting to Qatar

By Air: Qatar Airways ( is the main airlines in Qatar. The entry point in Qatar is Doha international airport.

By Sea: The major international ports in Qatar are Umm Said and Doha. 

Public Transportation

Getting Around by Buses

Local Bus Service

The bus network in Qatar is managed and operated by the government-owned Mowasalat organization. The bus runs on several routes connecting Doha with different parts of the country. 

Getting Around by Taxis

The Mowasalat manages the taxi service in Qatar. Taxis are green in Colour and are air-conditioned. They even have a GPS navigation system. You can get a taxi from the street or call the taxi service operating the Qatar. Pick-ups are available at all locations. 

Fares: All taxis/cabs are metered. The fare varies by location and type of taxi-normal, 6-seater or Karwa limousine. 

Working Conditions

Students are not allowed to work in Qatar on student visa. In Qatar, there are several opportunities for pupils to work after graduation. Work permit is needed in order to work in Qatar. The worker is required to have a sponsor in order to get a work permit. 

Health Insurance

International students must get a health insurance from their home country. Healthcare in Qatar is not free of charge, so health insurance is recommended. 

Student Visa 

International students who want to study in Qatar are required to get a student visa. To get a student visa for Qatar, students require a sponsor in Qatar, and those who do not have a sponsor in Qatar can be sponsored by the educational institution/university where the pupil will be studying. 

Students who have been accepted by the educational institution in Qatar will receive a confirmation letter from their institution. Once you get the letter, apply for the visa at your nearest Qatar embassy/consulate. This is an entry visa which is valid for a period of 1 year. 


  • Completed filled and signed visa application form
  • Proof of sufficient financial means to support your study and living in Qatar
  • Proof of accommodation in Qatar
  • Confirmation letter issued from the university/institution
  • Covering letter from your sponsor explaining the study programme
  • Medical certificate
  • A valid copy of passport and three passport-size photographs
After you enter the country, apply for Qatari Residence Permit that can be obtained from the immigration office at the university. Students must visit the medical commission for a blood and physical test required for obtaining the residence permit. Pupils must submit their documents to the University for transferring the entry visa to a Qatari residence permit. 

Documents required:
  • Application confirmation page
  • A valid copy of passport: It should have your name, passport expiry date and date of birth. 
  • The residence permit of Qatar is stamped into the pupils’ passport and the pupils will get an ID card.
  • Affidavit and a valid Qatar ID card/passport copy of financial sponsor.
  • Contact your university for Qatari Residence Permit.
  • Proof of financial means that indicate the financial status of the sponsor who will bear the study and living expenses of the students during his stay in Qatar. It can be ‘bank guarantee’ (if the sponsor live in Qatar), or a bank account statement (if the sponsor is from outside Qatar).
  • Health certificate
  • Certificate of good conduct issued by the relevant authority 
  • Letter of approval from the pupil’s guardian or parent 
To know more about the Qatar student visa application procedure, contact the Qatar embassy/consulate nearest to your place of residence.
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